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A Clear Vision

In every pipe, tap, shower, and fountain of your building
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End-to-end services including install
Our experts install, test, monitor, and service your UV purification system, so you never have to think about the quality of your water again. Sit back and take a sip.
Sustainable and waste-free
Unlike reverse osmosis systems, our UV lamps don't have a high energy demand, don't disrupt water flow, and don't waste water in the process.
Works with other purification methods
By installing Clear upstream of other water treatment and reverse osmosis systems, you can prevent biofilm buildup, which significantly lowers reverse osmosis servicing costs, and further improves the water quality.
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Our Water Purification Systems

Clear UV by Atlantium

The only sensible whole-tower water quality solution.
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Clear UV at Home

A revolution in whole-home water purification.
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Clear for Every Property

About Us

A Team You Can Trust

The Clear team is passionate about water quality. Our co-founder and CEO, Ron Blutrich, experienced a devastating parasitic infection in 2019, sparking his initial interest in water technology and kickstarting Clear. Our team is proud to be your experts in water quality. At Clear, we value a high standard of integrity, ethics, and scientific accuracy, all to bring you water you can trust.

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Everything to Know About Clear

Follow us as we share water quality reports, new research, interesting articles, media appearances, and relevant documentation about Clear.

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We’re happy to answer any questions related to UV water purification, provide additional resources, and walk you through our process.
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